‘From Ocean Waste to Ocean Wear’ 
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The Eco-Conscious
Swimming Shorts

Our shorts are handmade from start to finish like no other! We use ECONYL®️ for the main fabric of our shorts, this fabric is a regenerated nylon made from the global waste that fills our oceans and landfills. The waste is sorted, purified and spun into a yarn that replicates the quality of virgin nylon. Once the fabric reaches us, each order is hand-cut to size and sewn together, even the branded side tag is handmade!

We represent the future, the future generations, the future of textiles, the future of our oceans; the future of change!

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Swim Shorts

"The best swimming shorts my little boy has ever worn. He put them on as soon as he opened them as he loved them so much. The fabric is so soft, the design is beautiful, and the quality and thought that has gone into the making of these swim shorts are second to none. I will be purchasing a second pair in a bigger size for my daughter, as I think they will be perfect for her too."

- Odin’s Mummy

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